Philippe Casanova was born in Paris; lives in Rome. He initialy dedicates himself to the Comic Strip. In the middle of the heighties, he discovered the Baroque Universe, first in the Abbeys of Mittel Europe, then in Italy. He decides to consacrate himself to the painting, staying in Rome.

Philippe Casanova was born in Paris ( France).
He initialy dedicated himself to the comic strip, before orienting his work towards illustration and finally painting.
In 1984 he discovered the Baroque Universe in Mittel Europa and then in Italy. His discovery of Rome was something like a revelation for him and the City became immediately the main source of his inspiration.

In parallel, he was fascinated by the genre of Interior Portrait, which had its golden age during the neo-classical period. He begins to transform it painting churchs and Palaces, blown up by the rhythm, the movement, the contrast of those forms and spaces and most of all the driving role of the light
In 1994, in occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Saint Philip Neri, he painted for the Oratorians a cycle of 16 views representing the main places where the memory of the saint is still alive.
In 1995 the Princess Elvinia Pallavicini invited him to paint in her Palace; a picture of Casanova is since then exposed in the Salone della Spinetta (also called Salone degli Apostoli ).
Then he painted on commissions in the most important private roman palaces, as well as in Toscany, in Venice, in Paris, in several french castles,also in London and New York.
In 2004, he was invited by Gonzalès Palacios and Francesco Petrucci to be the first contemporary artist to exibite in the Chigi Palace of Ariccia, the new Museum of the Roman Baroque.
In 2006-2007, he was invited by the Saint Peter factory ( Saint Peter Basilque ) to imagine a cycle of 32 paintings inspired by outside and inside architectures of the Vatican Basilique, in occasion of the 500th anniversary of its foundation.
He currently dedicates himself to another cycle, in honour of 'Via Giulia', the most famous Renaissance street of Rome, from which he is painting the most important palaces and churches.

2004 : Poesia di Impressione , studio Valeria Merlini- Daniela Storti , Roma , curated by Claudio Strinati
2005 : Interno Barocco , Palazzo Chigi di Ariccia , curated by Alvar Gonzalès Palacios , francesco Petrucci , Claudio Strinati.
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2007 : Interno Barocco , Espace 77, rue des Archives, Paris , curated by Nathalie de la Sablonière.
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2009 : Un Instant d' Italie , Paris , Townhall ( sixteenth Arrondissement )
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2014: Intus et Foris, Romanian Academy in Rome, curated by Alicia Adamczak
2014/2015: Les soirées de l' Opéra; head office of the firms Diffway and Enguerrand Rochefort et associés; curated  by Alicia and Audrey Adamczak

1989 : galerie Eolia , Paris , curated by Michel Marot.
1994:galerie Peinture Fraiche, rue de Bourgogne, Paris.
1995: Centre Arstill, rue Saint-Antoine, Paris.
2002: Approdo Romano , Palazzo Barberini.
2002: La Trinità dei ritrovata , Trinità dei monti , curated by Yves Bruley and Gael de Guichen.
2002, 2003 , 2004 , 2005 :Palazzo Carpegna , Carpegna ( Urbino ).
2004: Il Sogno di Poliphilo ,Palazzo Colonna-Barberini , curated by Claudio Strinati.
2007: Le boudoir de Marie Victoire Poliakoff, galerie Pixie Poliakoff , Paris.
2008: L ' Explosion Baroque , Galerie Tarantino , Paris, France curated by Antoine Tarantino.
2009:Sulmona Award , Sulmona , Italy, Santa Chiara convent.
2011; Peindre à Rome, Galerie Tarantino, Paris, France curated by Fabrizio Lemme, Antoine Tarantino and Alicia Adamczak.
August 2011; World Youth Day, Arganzuela Gallery, Madrid, Spain, curated by Steen Heidemann
2011: Biennale of Venice, Italian Pavillon, Torino, Exhibitions palace, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi
2012: Dublin, Eire, World Eucharistic congress, curated by Steen Heidemann
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2017: Il disegno dal vero come pratica storica e sapere contemporaneo, curated by Sarah Linford and Marco Bussagli, Canonica museum, Villa Borghese, Rome

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Saint Julian of the Flemish, Royal Foundation of Belgium, Rome, Italy
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